Report: FIHAV Havana Fair 2011,
October 30 – November 5th

View photos of the UK Pavillion and the Esencia Group stand

Exhibition Grounds EXPOCUBA

FIHAV is Cuba's most important commercial fair with an emphasis on consumer goods. It is the ideal showcase  to exhibit products as well as  finished goods and services to the Cuban market and Latin America and the right place to meet with commercial partners. Major sectors include: Machinery, Raw Materials, Equipment, Technologies, Services and Retail Products.

Esencia Group had a major stand within the UK Pavillion and  Esencia Trading which has one of the few import export licences awarded to foreign companies in the country exhibited a  variety of products from Scottish Whisky to Churchills China, Mackies Crisps to name a few.

Agency/distribution opportunity for Cuba

Cuba has begun the process of change in its economy outlined in the first congress in 14 years held in April 2011. The congress outlined a process which has produce a raft of changes in the last six months.

The most important examples are the granting of licences for Cubans to own their own business resulting in the setting up of  340000 private enterprises. This winter they take the changes even further with the announcement that Cubans can now own, buy and more importantly sell their own homes. Cuba currently imports a vast range of foreign products; from Coca Cola through to world class retail (Zara, Benetton, etc).

In the tourism sector a large percentage of products are imported for this $3billion business sector. Esencia Group has worked in Cuba for the last seven years and has a portfolio of business interests.

Rt Hon. Brian Wilson, Chairman, Havana Energy, Esencia Group.

“Cuba is different. It is an exciting, enjoyable and challenging place to do business and the reward is to be involved in a society which is full of potential and undergoing quite rapid change. With a highly educated workforce and a leading position in the Caribbean region, Cuba has much to offer investors and I hope that Scottish companies will take a close look at how they can be involved”.

Esencia trading confirmed meetings with buyers from all the Government Buyers for Tourism ( Drinks Snack Crockery) as well as from the construction Sector for building materials to be supplied in partnership with Decco who participated at the stand.


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