Renewable Energy

Havana Energy

Havana Energy is a renewable energy company focused on the Cuban Energy Sector. In partnership with the Cuban state entities under their 'energy revolution' initiative Havana Energy aims to assist in the continued development of clean low carbon electricity for the benefit of the people of Cuba.

Together with the expertise of the Ministry of Sugar, Havana Energy is developing plans to upgrade a series of existing co-generation sugar mills to more highly efficient biomass power stations.

Biomass power generation using sugar cane primarily is a sustainable and secure energy source. Using this abundant, reliable fuel and tried and tested technology, the power stations can help meet renewable energy targets, cut greenhouse emissions and provide a reliable and secure electricity supply for homes and businesses.

The chairman of Havana Energy, Rt Hon. Brian Wilson, a former UK energy minister, said: "…Cuba has an excellent record both in providing electricity for its people and promoting environmental sustainability.  This project will support both objectives. I have the highest regard for the abilities and objectives of our Cuban colleagues…".  

Havana Energy is also in advanced studies for the implementation of a series of hydro turbines in the existing irrigation dams throughout the country.